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“Excellent care.  Couldn't be any happier!  Teresa is the best!  I appreciated so much that she watered my plants".

-Laura Walsh


“I was very happy; loved knowing that my dogs were doing well.  Teresa is great to work

with.  I appreciate her communication".
-Lisa Thomas


Peek A Boo's Loves Your Pets,...and It Shows

“We felt very comfortable about our pet's care.  We are 100% satisfied.  We appreciate having a service we can trust!"
-Greg & Gia Galifianakis



"I appreciate Teresa so much!  I am so pleased.  She treats Finn so well and even empties my dehumidifier!  I am so thankful for this service here in Wilkes."

-Layvin Ferguson

“We felt that Roxy received excellent care while we were gone.  Very reassuring to know that she is taken care of.  We are completely satisfied.  Loved getting daily text with updates."
-Kent and Rosie Burchette


"This was truly an awesome experience for us!  A lifesaver for sure.  Teresa is wonderful!  A Godsend for us.  We did not worry at all!  The daily updates and pictures were perfect!"

-Sharon Phillips

“Excellent service.  Returned to clean house and healthy pets!  Great communication too!
-Kristen Dauer



"We felt perfect about the care of our cats.  Very attentive to making sure they were cared for.  We will

definitely be using again.  This was our first time hiring pet sitters and it was wonderful!  No worries!

-Angela Poteat

This page isn't possible without you and your pet!

If you're a current customer and want your pet's photo on the site, e-mail us a photo and we'll get it on as space allows. The photo needs to be clear at 216 x 216 pixels, and express your pet's personality. (Don't worry, we can also crop and resize it if you have no idea what a pixel is!) 

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